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Why i Like High Holidays at Harford Chabad

In general, the feeling of family and community. We were not just people occupying seats in a massive auditorium. - S.S. Bel Air, MD

 Overall I was pretty happy with the services.  I liked the sermons and the explanations.  You were doing a good job of educating us by also being entertaining.  I liked the fact that we said some of the prayers in English. - J.S. Bel Air, MD

Thank you for your excellent leadership and services P.B. - Fallston, MD

Dear Rabbi Kushi and Fraida,

     Thank you so much for such beautiful Rosh Hashana services and the delicious meals that followed. The experience was nothing less than transformative for me. The services were incredibly meaningful and engaged me in a way that I had not felt for the past several years. Never have I sat through such a lengthy service WITHOUT looking at my watch. I love the anecdotes and life lessons seamlessly woven into the prayers and readings. And the shofar, and your beautiful family, the hymns, the humor, and the connecting between new friends made this holiday wonderful and truly recharging for me. Thank you for your kindness, hospitality, and spiritual guidance. I am so looking forward to a future with Chabad.

Shana Tova,

L.S. Bel Air, MD


It's not too expensive to be Jewish

 It's too expensive to be Jewish - LA Times

But not at Harford Chabad!!!

Thanks for all your help and the policy of "no one is ever turned away due to lack of financial ability".

Mr. S. 

Honey Cake

Hi Rabbi Kushi,

Well, I must say D and I were pleasantly surprised when a couple of nice young Chabadnick men dropped by our house yesterday first glance out the window, I thought one of them was you perhaps?  So I flew to the door in my 'just rolled out of bed' sloppy attire and disheveled look, LOL!

D and I would like to thank the two young men for the visit, along with Fraida's delicious honey cake.  Mazal Tov on the new house and synogogue!  I know that sometime in the future D and I will join you for services....right now we're not sure exactly what the plans are for the high holidays, but will be in touch.

Say hi to Fraida and tell her how we loved that honey cake!


S & D

Bat Mitzvah

Hi, I just wanted to thank you so much for a wonderful experience. Everyone was so Touched at this ceremony on Friday. I will email you everyone who came... Thank you again it was magical evening... Tell your wife as well



Domestic Violence

I reached out to Harford Chabad while I was living in a safe house for victims of Domestic Violence with my young daughter. I called the Rabbi for spiritual guidance and for general social support. I had deep questions that were very serious to me. They were not easy questions to answer. He reached out to other Rabbis and others, at least one on a different continent, trying to find the very best answer possible for me. That answer ultimately meant that I would carry a child that was a product of rape. I had been at the safe house for six weeks when I finally reached out to him. In that time, I was physically healing from a brutal attack on me by my partner. He raped me repeatedly. He cracked three of my ribs. He left a bruise the size of my entire rib cage on my body. I could not hear in my left ear for almost two weeks. 

I was very lucky to be alive when the Rabbi met me. The next chapter of my life meant many moves, evading my abuser, finding doctors to treat me, finding counseling for myself and daughter, finding socks and clothes and food to survive with my daughter. Rabbi Schusterman and his family welcomed us with open arms and tirelessly worked to help us meet each need. We would not have had food or shelter or guidance without their help. They helped us without judgment and showed me the spirit of love, kindness, empathy and an example of how I can only hope to be someday. Much of my adult life had been spent searching and struggling with my faith. The kindness and godly example of the Rabbi helped me find my way back to it.

When his wife learned that my daughter's birthday would happen in a safe house, and that I was deeply saddened by that, she organized a small party with kosher cupcakes and candles. In the end my daughter spent that day with laughter, smiles, love, balloons, and a feeling of being home. 

When you support HC you're supporting humans and community - not just a prayer service. 


Proud Veteran

 Thank you Rabbí for sharing and thank you for all the support you have given me and being there for all the Soldiers you have come across.


Good Work

Thank you for all the great work you are doing in Harford county :)

Laibl Wolf Lecture

 Enjoyed the lecture last night....


Sukkot Experience

 I want to thank you and your family for having my family for Sukkot (sp?) It was a great experience. I learned a lot and the food was absolutely incredible!!!. Please let your wife know i think she is a fantastic cook.

Shabbat Dinner

 Thank you so much to Rabbí Kushi Schusterman and Fraida M Schusterman for having us for such a beautiful Shabbat dinner last night we really enjoyed:)

High Holidays

That was by far THE best service I have ever been to. Based on that my sister went second day to Chabad in her town. You might have a bigger crowd Yom Kippur as I raved about the service to my friends.

Helping our business

In the last 2 years your support hasn't just helped the product, for which our company should create a plaque, it has and continues to assist me personally. Some days when it's cold and dark, it's nice to have a friendly face to count on. Your time, effort and support, while for a good cause and I'm just the wheel, is something I'm thankful for. 

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