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    We look forward to a wonderful year of learning and growth!
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Are you a “Chabad person”?
At Chabad we value you. Whether you’ve lived in
Harford County all your life or moved here recently,
your life experiences and beliefs are worthy of being
shared and welcomed. If you’re open to traditional
services and love asking Jewish-flavored questions,
come find your spirit and your people here.
So, are YOU a “Chabad person"?
Jewish Holidays

With the unique spirituality of Chabad philosophy, our holiday experience is enjoyable.


When it comes to youth, our philosophy is simple: Education must become a way of life.


Our services are traditional and are conducted in a joyous, casual atmosphere.

Adult Education

Drawing on Chassidic teaching, the most basic building blocks of existence are reexamined.


We are not merely independent members of a local neighborhood; we are a part of one family.

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Rabbi's Blog posted on Aug 12, 2022 | 0 Comments
After the fast of Tisha b’Av this past Sunday night, I was very thankful! Thank G-d I do not know what true hunger means. Thank G-d I was afforded the opportunity to be a Chabad Rabbi. Thank G-d I am able to be on the giving end of helping...
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Rabbi's Blog posted on Aug 5, 2022 | 0 Comments
"#thattiktokrabbi" will G-d willing be joining us this Shabbos, the 9th of Av, the day we mourn the destruction of the...
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Rabbi's Blog posted on Jul 28, 2022 | 0 Comments
The Jewish people are about to cross the Jordan into Israel (Cannan) and a few of the tribes approach Moshe asking for permission to remain in TransJordan. Their reasoning was that they were shepherds and that land had good fields for...
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Carol - Churchville
That was by far THE best service I have ever been to. You might have a bigger crowd Yom Kippur as I raved about the service to my friends.
Just wanted to say thank you for Fraida’s honey cake, brought by your sheliach. I know you have high hopes, but if you want to know my estimate
Alex - Rehab Patient
You helped save my life. You and Harford Chabad will always have my undying gratitude.
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