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Honey Cake

Monday, 5 September, 2016 - 2:31 pm

Hi Rabbi Kushi,

Well, I must say D and I were pleasantly surprised when a couple of nice young Chabadnick men dropped by our house yesterday afternoon.....at first glance out the window, I thought one of them was you perhaps?  So I flew to the door in my 'just rolled out of bed' sloppy attire and disheveled look, LOL!

D and I would like to thank the two young men for the visit, along with Fraida's delicious honey cake.  Mazal Tov on the new house and synogogue!  I know that sometime in the future D and I will join you for services....right now we're not sure exactly what the plans are for the high holidays, but will be in touch.

Say hi to Fraida and tell her how we loved that honey cake!


S & D

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