Building Updates

Demolition Complete

Standing outside the buildings as they were being demolished... Next up, get the permits and the foundation started.



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Getting Ready for Demolition

 We have signed with iMark Builders to demolish the houses. 

The process is starting the fence is up  and the buildings are empty.

Demolition Permits should be complete in the next week or so then... 

bye bye houses and we can get ready to build!  

2021-09-03 14.33.17.jpg 

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Meetings Meetings and Planning Commission

Going to the planning commission


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 After discussing with the architects and other professionals to try to keep the buildings would be a futile effort so the buildings have been redesigned for demolition and to build from ground up. the cost of the campaign has gone up to 2,500,000. Off to permitting. 

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The dream has started to become a reality!

With immense thanks to G-d Almighty, we are excited to announce that Bel Air, the county seat, will now have a permanent location for anyone looking for Jewish growth!  

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Harford Chabad has purchased 38 and 44 E Broadway and architectural drawings are on the way to make them into a Jewish center.

Right now they are just buildings.... 

...but with your help they will be transformed into a spiritual home for so many!


2020-09-23 08.54.54



The next phase - raising the funds to make the dream a reality!

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To make this dream a reality we need  to raise approx. $1.5 million.

Thank G-d, 6 visionaries have made commitments to launch this campaign with $158,000. To help reach our goal, we are looking for additional commitments of:

  • 1 commitment of   $150,000.00  
  • 2 commitments of   $100,000.00 
  • 3 commitments of   $75,000.00 
  • 4 commitments of   $50,000.00 
  • 5 commitments of   $36,000.00 
  • 10 commitments of   $18,000.00 
  • 15 commitments of   $10,000.00 
  • 20 commitments of   $5,400.00 
  • 25 commitments of   $3,600.00 
  • 30 commitments of   $1,800.00 

Commitments can be paid over a few years if need be.

Contact [email protected] to discuss what level you see yourself participating at and/or if you want to join the building committee.

As the campaign gets underway, there will be opportunities for recognition, classroom dedication, department naming, etc.

We look forward to partnering together in establishing a Jewish oasis, a Chabad House, here in Bel Air.

Rabbi Kushi and Fraida M. Schusterman  

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