Harford Kosher is proud to announce that you can now use the Shoprite standard online order form to order kosher food in Harford County

Step 1) create or login to your account at Shoprite.com

Step 2) Search for your item in the search bar on top and click the magnifying glass

Step 3) If you find what you are looking for add to cart

If not click add a special request and make a special request using the items listed below for reference.


Kosher List for Reference

Kosher Beef (brand is MealMart)

0908910 London Broil
0908930 BoneIn Rib Steak
0908950 Ground Beef
0908980 Beef Stew Cubes
0910510 Brisket Flank Steak
0910530 Short Ribs
0910540 Boneless Chuck Roast
0934610 Sol Sedar Bone

Kosher Lamb

0913710 Lamb Racks
0913720 Boneless Lamb Roast

Kosher Poultry

0980010 Empire Boneless Chicken Breast
0980190 Empire Kosher Whole Chicken
0980210 Empire Chicken Wings
0980350 Empire Ready to Roast Chicken
0980360 Empire Ready to Roast BBQ Chicken

Kosher Frozen Items

5020699 Empire IQF Chicken Drumsticks
5020712 Empire Frozen Ground Turkey
5020720 Empire Chicken Breast Nuggets
5021912 MM Kosher Chicken Breast Nugget
5021938 MM Kosher Mild Buffalo Wings
5021954 MM Kosher Hot Buffalo Wings
5031111 Empire Turkey Breast
5038008 Empire BBQ Chicken
5038024 Empire BBQ Turkey
5038032 Empire Boneless/ Skinless Chicken Thighs
5038058 Empire Cornish Hen
5038147 Empire Kosher Roaster
5038228 Empire Frozen Turkery 12-14 lbs
5038278 Empire Frozen Turkery  18-20 lbs

Kosher Seafood

0358950 Kosher Salmon Fillet (pre-packaged)
0358970 Kosher Flounder Fillet (pre-packaged)

Kosher Deli

0343660 Pre-Sliced Smoked Turkey
0343690 Pre-Sliced Oven Turkey