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Ma'os Chittim

  • The smell of Matzah balls, horseradish is in the air.  Passover is almost here.  Just the mention of it brings memories to the fore.  Some of us remember the Matzah balls, others remember the special time for family.  Some remember beautiful insights into the Seder, others remember children acting out the story of the Exodus.  However you look at it, we all feel fortunate to know Pesach and to be a part of this great tradition.

    There is a beautiful and important tradition to give Maot Chitim (lit. money for wheat) for those less fortunate that need financial assistance to pay for the Seder items and their holiday needs.  It is our tradition to announce this immediately following Purim - one month prior to Pesach.  (There are a number of organizations that focus on this Mitzvah - you can also direct funds to Harford Chabad and we will make sure to assist those in need.) 

    But as there are those that are poor financially there are those that are poor spiritually.  Those that are not going to a Seder this year because they don't have memories of Matzah balls soup, or family sitting together at a Seder.  There are those that weren't given the day school, Hebrew school or shul experience we were given.   

    Just as we feel concerned for the financial plight of our brethren who have less then we do financially, we should be concerned about the spiritual welfare of those who have less then we do spiritually.

    Take a moment...  Try to think of someone who you can invite to your Seder, or whom you can direct to another Seder (we have two community Seders).  Someone who will be grateful to you that you shared the gift of Pesach with them. 

    Let's make sure that all of our family is at the Seder this year.

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