Farb-10-Shevat-5732-2.jpgI want to invite you to come watch a recording of afarbrengen – gathering of the Rebbe, of blessed memory.


1 hour, 15 minutes

In this talk: The Rebbe thanks President Reagan for his birthday wishes and wishes him well after the recent assassination attempt, and that he be able to lead the country in a manner that is imbued with Emuna, “In G‑d we Trust.”

A lesson must be learned from the assassination attempt, (which in this case could not be blamed on poverty) about the importance of education. The schools must give the children not just knowledge, but also character development. This would prevent similar crimes in the future, when the children are taught that there is a master to the world.

A special day dedicated to education is an opportune time to evaluate where we are holding in this regard.

In an additional talk - the rebbe talks about how Everything in the world is created with a purpose. This country has been blessed with an abundance of resources; we must therefore utilize them to achieve energy independence. If not oil and coal, then we should learn from Birchas Hachama to harness solar energy.


You’ll be sure to walk away inspired, uplifted and recharged.


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