Holding G‑d in Her Hands
By Tzvi Freeman

It was obvious that G‑d was there in the room. Because she was talking to Him.

My 9/11 Rosh Hashana
By Menachem Posner

Blowing shofar amidst the smoke and ashes.

Saved From Death's Door
By Mina Gordon

He’s refused to eat for the past four weeks. The doctors say that his organs are starting to shut down . . .

The Boy Who Did Not Know How to Pray
By Blumah Wineberg

One day in the fall, the boy saw that the Jewish villagers were traveling on the road that led to the city.

The Tenth Jew
By Yerachmiel Tilles

“By the sanction of the Almighty,” Rabbi Leib intoned, “and by the sanction of the congregation, . . . we declare it permissible to pray together with those who have sinned . . .”