Programs and Fees 

First Taste Program Ages 3-5, Sundays 10:00-11:30 AM 
First Taste is designed to grab a child’s attention with song, art, drama and games. By exposure to the Aleph-Bet, Torah tales, prayer through song and holiday studies, a child gains a sense of pride and love for Judaism. 
Annual Tuition: $600.00 includes supplies/book fee and registration fee

Hebrew School Ages 6-13, Sundays 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM 
Students learn to read and write Hebrew and gain an appreciation for the who, what, when and why of Jewish life.  
Annual Tuition: $700.00 includes supplies/book fee and registration fee

cTeen Ages 14-18 - Variable days and times.
CTeen’s innovative programs nurture positive Jewish identity, help teens stand above societal pressures and channel their energy through positive mediums. When you are at CTeen you are always helping people, growing, learning new things, and having a blast! Come stop by and see for yourself! Join the circle of CTeen friends.
Annual Tuition: $700.00 includes NY Shabbaton ($350 Value), and December Ski Trip($100 value) and registration fee 

Our tuition for the school year can be paid in full or in two or three installments. 

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Refund Policy
Registration fees are non-refundable. Should you decide to withdraw your child from Hebrew School, your refund will be pro-rated up to April 1. After that date no refund will be allowed for school tuition. There are no refunds or credits for days missed due to illness, holidays or family vacations. 

Limited scholarships are available for needy families. Please call our office for scholarship requests. 

School Calendar: A school calendar listing dates on which there will be no Hebrew School classes will be sent to you. Please place it somewhere you can easily access it for year-round reference. 

Communication: We strongly encourage close communication between school staff and parents. We are deeply concerned about the progress of each individual student and would be more than willing to spend time discussing your child’s progress with you. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 443-353-9718 should any issue or question arise.