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Identifying Specific Skills & Interests

A skill is something you do well (e.g., an ability, a competence, a talent, a capacity). Not every skill, however, is supported by an interest. Some of the things you do well, you may do for survival reasons, or because you have to; e.g., balancing a checkbook.

An interest is something that intrigues you or positively motivates you (i.e., something you like to do). Not every interest is supported by a skill. You may wish you could play the piano or snowboard, but lack the skill to do so.


Please select the skills you have, that you would like to volunteer for our Chabad House…
CPA AR AP Budgeting
Budget Analysis Tax Expert Banking  
Information Technology    
Network Software Hardware Repairs
Web Design/Development    
input tabindex="1" type="checkbox" name="Price Comparison" value="on">Price Comparison Inventory Management Shopping  
Office Administration    
Reception/Greeting Phones Data entry/Typing


Prepare mailings & packages Filing Emailing


Mail management

Data management

Chairperson Menu Entertainment Welcome Table
Sound systems Photography Permits Donation Solicitation
Set-up/Clean-up Decorating Cooking Waiting Tables
Maintaining Linens Ushers    
Age Group: Lesson Planning Materials Prep Teaching Assistant
Guest Speakers Hebrew Current Events  
Branding Direct Mail Graphic Design  
Fleet Services      
Car Repair Car Detailing Insurance Driving
Building Maintenance      
Repairs Cleaning


Interior Designing
Equipment Donations Equipment maintenance Events set-up  
Grant Writing Donor management system Thank you letters Ebay sales
Mining new donors Events planning Auction donations  
Media Relations      
Press Releases Writing Stories Press Liaison  
Building Earthquake, Fire Terrorist Event Events Security
Evacuation Planning Hardware System    
Equipment donations Events historian Photo librarian Videographer
Keeping Connected Kiddush New Community Members Social Media (eg. Facebook)
Social Groups Newsletter Writing Newsletter Distribution Media Relations
Challah baking/distribution Visiting Welcome wagon Hospital visits

Jail visits

Volunteer Development Yahrtzeit Board  
Public Speaking Non-profit management Strategic planning Business planning
Banking Relations Human Resource management    


Identifying General Skills & Interests

InterestSkill Category Includes Activities Such As...
Research Observe, investigate, study, measure, test, examine

Analysis Analyze, compare, evaluate, differentiate, identify

Problem-solving Troubleshoot, improve, critique, redesign, solve

Systematizing Coordinate, organize, develop procedures

Planning Plan short-term or long-term, forecast, set goals

Leadership Lead, advise, govern, inspire, motivate, assert, decide

Follow-through Persist, bring to closure, obtain results, tenacity

Mentoring Mentor, coach, help others to grow and learn

Innovation Invent, adapt, develop, change, break with convention

Artistry Create, draw, sketch, design

Empathy Understand needs of others, relate to issues/concerns

Writing Write clearly, communicate effectively

Speaking Speak clearly and effectively; present to groups

Persuasion Persuade, convince, teach, inspire, influence, motivate

Negotiation Negotiate, mediate, intervene, resolve differences

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