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I’m writing you today with important news, and to ask for your help.

Because there was once a small nation that struggled against a world superpower. The small nation just wanted to be free and left alone. To live their lives as they saw fit.

Does this sound familiar? It may. Because this is the story of Passover.

Passover is important because it’s a gift we’ve received as a nation. It’s an inspiration to us … and to the whole world…

Because Passover celebrates freedom. And how we can be free even when the odds are against you.

I’m hoping you can donate $180 -- or maybe $360 -- to help make Passover a reality for people in our community this year. I know you may want to focus your giving on Ukraine right now. As we all should.

But, if you can, remember those who so urgently need to experience the blessing and connection of Passover. In scary and uncertain times, it’s more important than ever!

Passover isn’t just reviewing the story - we celebrate it with traditional foods, readings, songs, and memories. We relive it by eating the same Matzah and Maror that we ate back then.

We make it come to life, we make it real because t he lesson is too important and the stakes are too high to do any less.

This is the story of Passover. And I need your help sharing this story with our community.

We’ve all been through something like a desert for the last two years.

The COVID pandemic, with its loneliness and uncertainty. And fear about what might happen next.

It seems like as soon as we start to get a handle on things, something else pops up. Another wave of Covid. Inflation. Antisemitism. And now war!

Passover is a time when we remember the hard times ... and how we survive together. For centuries, we Jews have been gathering for Passover -- ever since that very first time when G-d brought us out of Egypt.

This year so many people urgently need that message and connection…

We need to remember, as a people, that with G-d’s help we’ve survived large enemies and tough times before…and we’re stronger together.

Together we’ve overcome so much. And, as we gather for Passover, celebrating the redemption from Egypt, we also remember all hardships that we’ve come through since then…

We are no strangers to difficulty. Together we have the strength and tenacity to overcome. But it all starts with Passover… Remembering the story, the difficulties, and ultimately the redemption…

And that’s where you come in: Could you join the Passover Campaign and donate to help make Passover a reality for people here in the community who otherwise might miss it?

Your donation of $180 -- or maybe $360 -- will make a place at our table for someone who’s looking for a Seder to join. Or send someone seder supplies like Matzah. Or welcome a young child to the model matzah factory.

With your help, people here in the community will be able to experience a beautiful seder this year. Mouthwatering soup, four cups of bubbly wine, and melt-in in-your-mouth brisket.

Your gift will give them an authentic taste of Passover with the handmade Shmurah Matzah. They will cry over the maror and celebrate with the wine. You will give them exactly what they need: a powerful and life-affirming Passover experience.

Passover is so important to us Jews. Because it’s when we became an “us.” It’s the birth of our nation and the celebration of our freedom and our connection with each other.

Passover helps make us who we are -- as individuals, as families, and as a people.

But Passover doesn’t “just happen.” It requires caring people, all doing their part. It needs people like YOU, or it doesn’t happen.

This year, it’s so important…

Jack is going to college, far away from her family. He loves Passover and the family traditions and he can’t bear the thought of doing it alone in her dorm room. he needs a family, a community that will embrace him and help him feel like he’s at home.

Sadie is elderly and lives alone. Isolated and afraid to go out. Passover has been a cornerstone of her life through all her long years ... but now that she really needs it, she might miss it completely this year.

Zach has seen a terrifying rise in antisemitism in his neighborhood. He even heard that a friend received a vile, anonymous threat. More than ever, he needs a big helping of Jewish love and connection!

These are some of the people you will reach with your donation to our Passover Campaign!

Harford Chabad is a place to bring your fears and your loneliness… and to share love, warmth, kindness and of course… crispy crunchy matzah and piping hot delicious chicken soup.

And the place to get the strength to go on, living as part of our Jewish community, connected with each other. Connected through the centuries all the way back to the time of Moses.

The message of Passover is as important and timely as ever. We need to share strength, courage, and convictions.

And we can’t do it without you.

Please consider sending your gift today so we can make the proper preparations in time for Passover.

Thank you for your consideration and for reading.

Wishing you a Happy and Joyous Passover,

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

P.S. Please send your Passover Campaign gift today so we can make preparations in time for Passover. To make it easy for you, I’ve enclosed a return envelope.

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