The Chabad-Lubavitch philosophy in regards to our youth is simple:

Education is not limited to the hours a child sits in a classroom, but is a way of life.

Our educational approach encourages and creates, for learners of all ages, personal meaning from all our activities. We seek to interact and combine classroom learning with a uniquely Jewish approach to family life, integrating our teaching into the community as a whole.

This is not our parents’ Hebrew School! Through an exciting mix of hands-on programming, children at Harford Chabad learn the importance of knowledge, understanding, kindness, and good deeds.

At Chabad, your child can experience fun and interactive programs about Jewish history, holidays, and practices, making it as enjoyable as their other extra-curricular activities.

Harford Chabad youth programing is where Judaism comes alive. From programs for toddlers, through Bar/Bat Mitzvah studies, the learning of Hebrew, and on to meaningful programs for teenagers, our programs are the answer to your children's and family's needs. 

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