In our journey of life we encounter the seasons; times for slowing down and contemplating our inner selves, times for speeding up and taking action, times for reevaluating and changing course, times for joy and celebrations of milestones in our lives, and of how far we have come. These are represented by the Jewish holidays that are meant to be guideposts on our way.

This uniquely spiritual philosophy makes the holiday celebrations, these special days and nights, a distinctive and joyful experience. It informs our day-to-day lives and supports us at whatever life journey we are experiencing at the moment. Holiday services are enlightening, mystical and an enlivening experience for the whole family; a warm and welcoming environment. Our holidays feature unique events as well as traditional services blended with contemporary messages and, of course, English translations and transliterations, so you never miss a beat.

Join us for an evening, a day, or perhaps for the full holiday experience.