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Personally, I'm excited as part of the proceeds of this raffle will go toward the new Torah that is being written in memory of my mother!

By joining some other Chabad houses we are able to give away away $10,000 on June 1st and we'd love to get you to buy the winning ticket today.

Tickets are as low as 30 for $1800, 15 for $1000 and 7 for $500, 3 for $250, 2 for $180 and 1 ticket for $100!

It's really a win-win, since you are giving tzedaka, Charity which is a mitzvah and helping a superb cause that I love while simultaneously (hopefully) winning $10,000 or another prize!

Please email me at Rabbi at Harford Chabad.org for how many tickets I can put you down for or text me at 443.353.9718


Previous Winners


Dovid Rahmani


Grand Prize - N. and D. Mendick
2nd prize - C. Zaetz
3rd prize - R. Baron


Grand Prize - B. Spalter

Second Prize - M. Deitsch

Third Prize - Y. Roston


Grand Prize - Voss NYC

2nd prize - Y. Baum

3rd prize - A. Klein


Grand Prize –L. Keren

2nd Prize –R. Kushner

3rd Prize - W. Davidowitz

Special for this year - Make a monthly pledge or increase your current pledge and it will be matched two times, $100 a month = $300 a month plus any monthly commitment month will get you a bonus ticket