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Oops - Broken Link

Thursday, 7 May, 2020 - 6:32 pm

Earlier this week was a day of global giving called "Giving Tuesday Now".

As I continue to try to make it easier for people to support our organization and make a strong impact on the local Jewish community, I arranged for the donate link to prepopulated with the donor information. It looked great! People wanted to make an impact! They put in the amount they wanted to donate, entered their credit card information and when they clicked submit… 

Yup, the air left the balloon. 
Instead of the great feeling of “Wow I made a difference” like this,
 unnamed (7).jpg

it said page not found. People felt like this:unnamed (8).jpg

The Baal Shem Tov has a teaching that one should learn something from everything he sees and hears.

The problem with the link was that it was missing the / at the end. To paraphrase Rabbi Aron Moss - Would anyone be so nitpicky as to differentiate between "yahoocom" and "yahoo.com"? Isn't it a bit ridiculous that you didn't get my email just because of a little dot?

The missing / seemed to be ridiculous.

But it’s not! Because the / is not just a /. It represents something. That dot has meaning far beyond the pixels on the screen that form it. To me it may seem insignificant, but that is simply due to my ignorance of the ways of the internet. All I know is that with the /, the donation arrives and people feel good and without it, the message is lost to oblivion, the page is not found.

In this week’s Torah portion we talk about the holidays and about Shabbos.

Does it make a difference if I light shabbat candles at 7:49 PM (this week) in Bel Air or at 8:30?

Who cares if I do the seder on the correct night, it’s generally the correct season.

Jewish practices have infinite depth. Each nuance and detail contains a world of symbolism. And every / counts. When they are performed with precision, a spiritual vibration is emailed throughout the universe, all the way to G‑d's inbox and change happens.

If you want to understand the symbolism of the /, study I.T.

If you want to understand the symbolism of Judaism, study it.

Thank you to those who made a contribution and figured out how to get around I.T. to get it done.  To join them visit www.HarfordChabad.org/donate.

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

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