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What is the menorah whispering?

Thursday, 26 December, 2019 - 5:05 pm

What is the secret the burning flames of the Menorah whisper to you?
What is the message contained in the flicker and dance of the kindled lights?
What is the story the candles; 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 are telling you and me dear reader?

As the year has its seasons so does life.  Each of us journey through our own personal year, our own personal decade and our own personal seasons of the time that we are allotted.

The eternity of Torah carries a message for each physical season and each personal season.  Unique to you and me, in each particular time.

The only constant is change, and as such each of us are either up on our journey or down on our journey.  

Wherever we are up to the Menorah tells us to light a little more today.  Even though after yesterday's flames went out the darkness ensued again, tonight, today, we can bring light into the world again and in fact we can be a light unto the world again.

The Menorah's message goes further.  Yesterday you brought light to the world.  You may have had a step down after as darkness descended and the light, your light diminished.  Today you have picked yourself up and embraced your job on this earth, you're ready to offer your light again.  You can and must offer more light than you did yesterday.  You have that inner reservoir and therefore despite your shortcomings, despite the darkness that comes with the seasons, you have the ability to do even more than you did yesterday.

This is the message the candles are whispering to me.  This is the recurring message I see each night as the Menorah has a light added to it.  

What is the Menorah whispering to you?

Comments on: What is the menorah whispering?

Michelle wrote...

Very inspiring. Watching the candle flames rise and dip down also mirrors our journey, our inner whispers, and a renewed sense of hope and balance.