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Get out of the ark!

Thursday, 31 October, 2019 - 1:47 pm

The Jewish world is moving closer to embracing the reality that what will ensure a Jewish future is performing distinctly Jewish acts on your own and in the company of other Jews and doing it Joyously.

It is the Torah and Mitzvot (these distinctly Jewish acts) that provide resilience in times of challenge and provide meaning in times of celebration and joy.

It is to that end that when the flood waters begin to fall in this week's Parsha, G-d instructs Noach to enter into the Ark - the Tayvah in Hebrew. The words Tayvah in Hebrew also means words. So G-d is saying in effect, when there are flood waters raging outside, when you feel like you are drowning, enter into the words of Torah and Prayer and you will be preserved.

If indeed that is the case than what is the meaning behind the words later in the Parsha to leave the Tayvah? Is there an appropriate time and place to leave the words of Torah and prayer?

Indeed, the answer is yes! It's a cycle, we go into the words of Torah and prayer to gather resilience and once strengthened we then are fortified to go back into the world. It is there in the world where our purpose is truly fulfilled when we integrate Torah and Mitzvot back into the mundane world around us.   

Performing distinctly Jewish acts on your own and in the company of other Jews and doing it joyously both fortifies us and provides the sauce within which we fulfill our purpose on this earth.

So, go into the Tayvah, through prayer each morning, acts of Mitzvot each day and then with that empowerment go out into the world and make the world a G-dly and goodly place!

Good Shabbos!

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