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Don't forget to say thank you!

Wednesday, 24 April, 2019 - 11:51 am

Sometimes we get stuck. We hit a bump in the road and get frustrated and "stressed out". To paraphrase the Jews on their way out of Egypt:  "We have our enemy behind us and an ocean in front of us. There is no hope".

At those times we need to reach out to G-d. We must ask for his help and his strength...but what about when we succeed more often then not we forget to express our thanks and gratitude to G-d for helping us. 

We learn a lesson of what to do in the Torah reading of the seventh day of Passover and in the Haftorah. The Jews and King David express their thanks to G-d for helping them and being there in their time of need after protecting them and securing their safety.

We often know who to call when we are stuck. As a Rabbi, there are countless times when people reach out for help in their time of need. However, how often do they forget to give an update when things work out?

I am guilty of this myself as well. While I try to update people about the impact of their financial and community support, and I try to thank every person that supports the work we do, I don't always show enough gratitude, give enough feedback and thanks. (Thank You!!)

Let us learn from the Jews to be grateful for what we have, the gifts we are blessed with, the security we have been given. Where we are may not always look pretty and perfect the way we may hoped but we can start with small steps of gratitude. I'm grateful to be alive, to have food to put on my table. Im grateful for the blessings and gifts I have in my life. 

Wishing you a beautiful end to a wonderful Pesach. Chag Sameach!

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