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Uplift and Inspire

Thursday, 3 May, 2018 - 12:15 pm

Speech has a very powerful and influential effect. For the good and G-d forbid the opposite. When we see a negative trait in another person, we have a choice: we can speak about it to him or others, or alternatively, we can focus on speaking about and strengthening a positive trait; becoming a champion of positivity. Overwhelming the negative with positive.
So why does this really work?
It works because speech reveals that which is hidden. 
This is the theme of this week’s parsha, Emor. Rashi explains the word Emor, literally translated as speak, to mean: "Speak - "lhazhir - to encourage"  those who are bigger to have an influence over those who are smaller”. We have the power to influence the "katan - smaller", a person who is smaller, either in years, education, abilities or any challenge in life, only via "Emor", through using positive communication. This is the tool that the person trying to help, the "bigger", uses "lhazhir - to illuminate", the "smaller"; namely; his friend, student or child.
Yankel Hecht once wrote to the Lubavitcher Rebbe about him not being in a good mood. A short while later he turned to the Rebbe and said: “The Rebbe pulled me out (of my situation)!” The Rebbe replied while lifting his hands: “I pulled you out? I lifted you up!”
While the Rebbe could use the focus on the negative, “shlepping someone out of a situation", he doesn't! What a true leader does is focus on the positive, which overpowers the negative, like light pushes away the darkness. 
Be a champion of goodness. Be a leader. A big person. Focus on other people’s positive traits. Be a beacon of light and all the darkness around you will disappear. Those who are smaller then you (either in years, education, abilities or any challenge in life) will be illuminated and uplifted, invigorated and inspired, all due to you exuding positive energy! 
Have an amazing uplifting and positive Shabbos!

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman 


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