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use the nuclear option

Thursday, 20 February, 2020 - 9:40 pm

Have you ever tried to get an in with someone but didn’t find a connector?

Have you ever tried to get an in with someone and realized that you had a liability that will stop you from connecting?

You are not alone. This has happened before. Queen Esther wanted to visit King Achashverosh. She knew that it would be a liability. She assumed, as was the custom in those days, that going to the king uninvited was risking her life. Generally, this is explained as the pivotal moment when you must take a risk, even risking your life, for something which is super important which expresses your values. Our first responders face this risk, putting their lives on the line every day to ensure that we stay safe.

There is a deeper explanation. One that defines Esther’s choice as one that is relevant to every single person. We ask ourselves how can I approach G-d? I am not perfect. I have liabilities. How can I approach the king with requests for health, happiness, etc. when I don’t follow Torah and mitzvot 100%? And what I do manage to do, I sometimes struggle with.

Chassidic masters explain the verse from the megillah “…and I will come to the king illegally and whatever I will lose, I will lose”, to mean that every human being approaches G-d and makes their request saying “I may not be perfect or righteous but it’s worth it for you, G-d, to fulfill my request so that I can serve you and have a close deep relationship with you. If you choose to reject me, that’s your choice. The relationship is so important that I am willing to use the nuclear option. I am willing to risk my life in order to build a deep meaningful relationship”.

Perhaps this is why Yom Kippur is called Yom Hakippurim, a day which is ‘like Purim’. On Purim we reveal this deep level connection with G-d. While Yom Kippur is important, Purim on some level is a day that is more important, the day we reveal a deeper quintessential bond.

This Purim, I would like to invite you to join us in celebrating this bond. See more info at www.HarfordChabad.org/Purim.

Have an amazing Shabbos,

Rabbi Kushi

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