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I Can't? Yes You Can!

Thursday, 16 January, 2020 - 2:49 pm

When given a job, have you ever asked yourself why the person giving you the task didn’t give you the resources to accomplish it? And then, as the job progressed, you realized that you had everything you needed although it may not have been the conventional tools.

When G-d turned to Moses and asked him to redeem the Jewish people, they have a whole dialogue during which Moses turns to G-d and says: who am I to redeem the Jewish people? “I am heavy of mouth and heavy of tongue”.

G-d answers him: “Who gave man a mouth…Is it not I, G-d? So now go!...“

G-d’s answer is relevant to each of us when we are on a mission. G-d, as the creator of the universe, ensures that we have everything we need to fulfill any mitzvah that He wants us to fulfill. While at times it may seem that we don’t have the tools to accomplish our mission, like Moses not being a great orator, G-d is telling all of us that He ensures that we have everything we need. It may mean that we need to be creative and resourceful to use what we have and what G-d has given us to accomplish our mission.

Go accomplish your mission!

Have a good Shabbos,

Ranbi Kushi Schusterman 

Comments on: I Can't? Yes You Can!

Inspector Ray wrote...

Like this message a lot! Good Post Rabbi. In this day and age where it is EZ to not risk and just play it safe too many young people chose to not get in the fray or hold back from mixing it up and getting down in the muck where God needs us to do his will. Moses is a good example. Got to remember this analogy. Anyway in todays society I worry that we are raising our children to play it safe, not take risks and not to be afraid of setbacks. Everything from wearing protective equipment to ride a bike to not exploring the neighborhood or challenging a teacher in school... Play it safe, do not rock the boat... fly under the radar.... Are we making mistakes in raising children this way? Will future generations have that Moses that God will need to do his deeds? There is something to say for being a bit reckless I think.