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Get in the zone

Thursday, 12 December, 2019 - 2:11 pm

There are two ways to do something that you "don't want to do".

Think exercising. For many people they don't want to exercise yet they do it anyway.

Either by forcing themselves; setting the alarm, adding it to their schedule, etc. Or, by getting into the zone; reminding themselves why they are on this good health journey and get themselves excited to have better health. Oh, and go to the gym.

In the Torah portion, Jacob sends "Melachim" to his brother Esau. Rashi, one of the foremost commentators tells us, don't translate the word "Melachim" as messengers but as angels. The Maggid of Mezritch says, he sent angels, but their angelic souls remained connected to Jacob.

We all want to serve Hashem more! We all want to do more mitzvot. Sometimes it feels difficult. We give ourselves a million and a half reasons why we "can't" start keeping kosher better, or Shabbat more often, etc.

We can move forward in two ways. Either by forcing ourselves or by getting into the zone. We can remind ourselves that we are on a journey to have a closer relationship with Hashem and this is something we can do to enhance that relationship.

This is important for me personally as well. I am here in Harford County as a Shliach, a messenger, a representative of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. At times there are things in this "Rabbi job" that are not so exciting to do, or things that I must question is this what I should be doing as a Rabbi. At those times I ask one question: am I connected to the "Jacob", the Rebbe, who sent me on this mission to engage all the Jews and non-Jews of Harford County and inspire them? If the answer is yes, then I am in the zone and don't have to force myself to do it. It becomes a delight.

Are you connected to Hashem who sent you to this world on a mission? When focusing on that connection does it get you in the zone?


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