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Keep Digging

Thursday, 14 November, 2019 - 11:13 am

Watching kids at play; they take their little shovels and dig. They make a small hole in the ground, not much bigger than a pothole on the street. And then, they are done digging.

Watching the people doing construction on houses/businesses/developments around town it looks a bit different; big tractors making deep holes in the ground.

Both experiences are watching people move dirt, rocks, and mud. 

We find the same in this week's Torah portion. Yitzchak/Isaac digs wells and throughout his life, he is digging wells to reveal the water underground. His wells get covered up and he keeps digging new ones! His well gets given to an enemy and still he keeps digging. 

Everything in Torah has a message. One of the messages of this story is Yitzchak's dedication to focus, staying the course and uncovering the water beneath the surface. Sometimes we meet those who have water, a life-giving substance, generally known as a soul, yet it is covered up by dirt, mud and rocks. At times these people do NOT want to engage in their Jewish heritage. We look at them and all we see is dirt. To the outsider, they look like a "lost cause". There is no point in even trying to engage them!

To this Yitzchak teaches us that it is our responsibility to dig wells, to find a way to engage your fellow. They are not interested in joining you for a program at Chabad? Remove the thing covering over the soul and have them over for a Shabbat dinner. Invite them to join you for latkes and menorah lighting. Dig and remove some dirt. Remove some of the things that are covering their pure soul and reveal it. It will be like refreshing water, reviving for them to reconnect. 

You tried and there was still dirt? The well got covered up again? Learn from Yitzchak and keep digging.

Have a digging week, 


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