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Shabbat is driving me crazy

Thursday, 7 November, 2019 - 12:34 pm

Have you ever been sold something and then had buyer’s remorse? Did you think to yourself - that salesman sold me a bill of goods!

As a Rabbi, I "sell" a relationship with G-d, Israel, and our fellow Jews. When trying to encourage you to do a mitzvah, often I will talk about the benefits of the mitzvah, a Friday night meal together with family, Shabbat - a break from technology, etc.

Then, when you implement these changes, at times, you may say: yes, a break from technology is great, but this long Shabbat in the summer with no driving, TV, Netflix, Facebook, etc. is driving me crazy.

Hashem knows that some mitzvahs can be more challenging than others. Hashem knows that change is difficult. Hashem knows that at times, doing certain mitzvahs can cause physical changes and therefore He sets the groundwork with the first mitzvah.

The first mitzvah given to any Jew was the mitzvah of circumcision given to Avraham. A mitzvah that causes physical pain, showing us that although a mitzvah can sometimes be painful or challenging, we still strive to fulfill the mitzvah. Not only fulfill it, but to do so with joy just like Avraham!

Circumcision does have health benefits (like the tech Shabbat) but we do so because Hashem commanded us to, for spiritual reasons. Simultaneously, everything that has spiritual benefits also has physical benefits - some, more noticeable than others.

So next time you are working on doing a mitzvah, and a challenge comes your way, try to be like Abraham. Smile. Know you are building your relationship with Hashem. Be aware of the physical benefits that you will get from this experience.

Have an amazing Shabbos, 

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

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