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Own It It's You!

Thursday, 19 September, 2019 - 11:48 am

What are you thinking about when you are on vacation?

Most people (employees) are not thinking about work while on vacation. The typical person isn't thinking about the sales or orders that are supposed to come in. The business owner is! The company is his. It is on his mind, always. The owner is thinking about his business daytime and evening, even while on vacation.

The employee, even when they work hard, the business is not theirs; it’s something they do. The business owner will go above and beyond their capacity. They make sacrifices that employees don’t need to make to ensure the business thrives.

The Torah tells us regarding raising children (both biological and those we mentor, “our spiritual students”) and studying Torah, that we must toil. 

These two are not things we do as an employee; it is part of the fabric of our existence. We think about our children and see what we can do to help them grow up spiritually and physically, in a healthy manner all the time. 

We study Torah, we toil in Torah, even when we are on vacation. It is not a job. It is part of who we are.

Is it easy? NO! The language used is toil. It’s hard work. Yet the dividends are enormous. So, think about your spiritual and/or biological children. Think about the Torah. Get to work, not as an employee but as an owner. Make a difference in the world around you! 

Have an amazing Shabbos,

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

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