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Count your blessings!

Thursday, 11 July, 2019 - 2:27 pm

As you know we were blessed this week with another wonderful child, Chaya Mushka Schusterman!

As our family grows, we get questions like “how many children do you plan on having?” or “Are you going to stop now?” etc.

I can reply with “It's none of your business”, “I'll stop after 6 million” etc. 

2019-07-10 08.37.15.jpgHowever, what I truthfully want to respond is that we welcome each child as a blessing from Hashem. Just as He provides for the children of the raven (Psalms 147), He is quite capable of providing for humans. Ask someone who couldn't have children and you'll learn about the blessings of children. 

Of course, if the parents are overwhelmed and/or struggling with mental health, they should seek guidance on delaying or not having more children. But that doesn't mean that each child is not a blessing.

We all have blessings in our life that people question. You have a job with long hours, recognize it's a blessing even if it means you don't have as much time to spend with family and friends. You have family and friends, that is a blessing even if you don't have the best job.

We have Torah and Mitzvahs, are they easy to observe? No! Are they a blessing? ABSOLUTELY! Ask someone who recently learnt the spiritual and calming nature of a relationship with G-d.

In all these fields, there are people who will cool your enthusiasm in your blessings. Don't let it affect you negatively! Count your blessings!

Have an amazing Shabbos.

See you at Shabbos services at 10 am.

Rabbi Kushi

PS Open house Sunday July 14, 11am- 2pm to meet baby Chaya Mushka at 445 Choice St.
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