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Who cares that we left Egypt?

Thursday, 18 April, 2019 - 12:01 pm

Are you celebrating Pesach/Passover?

According to one study: “Passover is the most celebrated of all Jewish holidays with more than 70% of Jewish Americans taking part in a Seder, its ritual meal”

Now it is nice to have a meal together, but who really cares that way back when, three THOUSAND three hundred and thirty-one years ago, the Jewish people left Egypt??

Why is the Seder and Passover relevant in 2019?

Why would the Talmud say that every year (and every day) a person should see themselves as if they left Egypt today?

One answer I find meaningful is that a Jew must remember that the Passover message is always relevant. Every year and every day.  Namely, that the Jewish people have a special place on G-d’s radar. The Jewish people, and every Jew specifically, each moment of their lives, are guided by G-d and Divine providence.

One should recognize that G-d has a unique plan specific for him. This Divine plan can G-d forbid be manifested in the opposite of revealed good and seem bitter. Hashem’s special attention to the Jewish people quickly removes the negativity in every experience.

This is symbolized by the 3 Passover representations: The Pascal lamb (divine intervention passing over the Jewish people), the Maror - bitter herbs (removes bitterness), and the matzah (so fast that the negativity can’t fester).

We must remember daily that G-d is in charge. This recognition removes the bitterness in a challenging situation.

Additionally, on Passover the verse tells us: “You shall relate it to your child”. We need to make our own homes a place where G-d’s presence is felt. We do not only "do Judaism" outside the house, but our home is a Jewish home. We need to educate our children (by example) about Jewish values. Regardless if they are the wise child or temporarily wicked, if they are a simple one or one who does not know how to ask, it is our duty to see to it that our children feel that they are one of G-d’s children and that they live up to that title through including Jewish practices in their daily life.

Have an amazing Pesach,


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