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A mentch tracht un Gut lacht

Thursday, 28 March, 2019 - 11:13 am

We can't call the gate to tell them you are stuck at security.

Yes, we know you came on time.

You were put in a separate security line, you will most probably miss your flight.

As we all ran to the gate, the plane was pulling out and we missed our flight to my niece’s wedding.

We are so sorry you missed your flight. We have another flight later in the day. Here are your new tickets.

“Man thinks and G-d laughs.”  “A mentch tracht un Gut lacht”, is how the yiddish expression goes.

I think I am going to get a coffee.

Oh no! Where is my wallet? Check the suitcase, check the bags, check the Talis bag, check the kids’ lunchboxes. TSA? Nope! Our original gate? Nope! Lost and found? Nope!

Once again, “A mentch tracht un Gut lacht”.

Often we think we are in charge. We think that we are in control of our lives, but Hashem, G-d, reminds us that He is in charge! While Hashem wants us to take the correct actions, e.g. leave to the airport with enough time to make your flight, (we did, but have no clue where the wallet got lost) He reminds us that “A mentch tracht un Gut lacht”.

It is when these types of annoyances take place or, G-d forbid, other major things that just happened “by fluke”, that we need to keep reminding ourselves that this is Hashem's plan.

In Chassidic terminology it is hashgocha protis, divine providence. G-d telling us that every interaction that we have with the world around us is created by design, for us and for our good.

We may not understand it. Many times, we never find out the WHY! The why did Hashem arrange things the way He did. However, we should do our best to remember that it is Hashem who orchestrated it.

When we recognize this, we connect with G-d and He laughs with you!  Yup, “A mentch tracht un Gut lacht”!

Often, when challenging things happen, we blame G-d and when good things happen, we take the credit.

The truth is that it is Hashem who arranges things when things go according to plan. Often He reminds us that He is in charge when things do not go the way we planned.

I have been saying, “Hashem, I got the message, no need to remind me”. Friends, if you see me thinking I am in charge, please remind me, it will help me have less negative stress in my life.

Yup, a mentch tracht un Gut lacht!

Have an amazing Shabbos.

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

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