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Get in, now!

Wednesday, 6 September, 2017 - 9:21 pm

Last week, I visited an old friend and ended up having a chassidic farbrengen discussing a famous chassidic parable. Questioning the parable, my friend shared a powerful thought: where is the field that we need to go to see the king?

The parable goes like this: During the entire year, when the king is in his palace, there is no possibility for an audience with the king for most of the common folk. Of those who hope and apply for an audience, only a select few are actually granted one.

There comes a time, however, when the king is not in the capital city but out in the field. While there, every one of his subjects can go to greet him. The king graciously receives each one of them and shows a happy and radiant face, granting them their requests.

The king is then escorted back to the city by those who have come to meet him. Upon entering his palace, once again, only a select few are granted an audience. However, those dedicated subjects who greeted the king are now part of that exclusive group, and are permitted entrance into the throne room.

This parable parallels our relationship with G‑d during the High Holiday season.

Throughout the entire year, G‑d is reachable through following the Divine will: His precepts - the mitzvot, and immersing in His wisdom, the Torah.

An individual may feel, however, that he is not following the correct path; his passions are not holy and therefore he is not living according to G‑d’s blueprint. This individual is akin to the citizen who left the populated capital city and goes off to the unpopulated fields, or even further, into the woods or desert. He has wandered away from the King’s capital. Sensing how distant he is, he might feel totally estranged with no connection to the King.

In His great love for us, during the month of Elul, G‑d goes out to the fields making Himself available to all. This outpouring of love uplifts and encourages, even those of us who may feel very distanced due to our actions. When we see how G‑d graciously receives us in the field, smiling and granting our requests, we resolve to once again reconnect and conduct ourselves in a manner befitting a loyal subject of the King.

So my friend says to me: where is the field?? We need to go out into the field to greet the King! 

Then, answering his own question, he points to the table and says: here! Right here!

Throughout the year, we view the physical world as a barrier to G-dliness. We need to convert that barrier into a tool to infuse spirituality into the world. However, during the month of Elul, the physical world represents spirituality the way it is infused into the physical; it is no longer food but a tool to serve G-d, it is no longer a tree, it is G-d’s creation.

Will you view the world from this perspective? Do it now and you get to keep that perspective when G-d goes back into the palace.

The analog continues: come the High Holidays and we escort the King back to the capital to settle there once again. Furthermore, we can actually join Him in His inner chamber.

Have a good Shabbos!

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman 

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