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Blow up the wall

Thursday, 31 August, 2017 - 12:41 am

In relationships, we often build walls between us and the ones we love. Those walls are made from single bricks, each brick related to a hurtful moment, a time when my spouse/friend/partner turned away from me. The walls can grow so big that you cannot look past it or get around it. The wall is built and you think the relationship is over!

While the wall is built gradually, the only way to get rid of the wall is to blow it up! Yes there will be a mess, there will be bricks and mortar that need to be picked up one at a time, but the explosion is instant.

We are now in Elul, a month of introspection. In Elul, we reach out to G-d to bring down the wall we have built throughout the past year. We’ve exhibited signs of ignorance, carelessness, at times we’ve neglected the relationship, approached Judaism with the wrong attitude, and our ego has helped us with self-justification every time we messed up.

So now, in the month of Elul, we tell G-d that we will blow up this wall that we built; today, I am a new man! Today I begin to pick up the pieces and rebuild my relationship with you!

How do we do this? 

1) By being more conscious and less careless 
2) By telling you daily that I want to have a relationship with you, by saying the Shema 
3) By adding oil to the lamp of our relationship 

The Zohar says: The body of man is a wick, and the light (soul) is kindled above it......"The light on a man's head must have oil, that is, good deeds".

So I will increase in the good deeds that I do to ensure there are light and heat in our joint home without a wall ;).

Have a good Shabbos!

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

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