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It's A Numbers Game

Monday, 19 June, 2017 - 10:39 am

It's A Numbers Game

On a recent shopping trip , the following exchange took place between myself and one of my children. It went like this:

Can I have that pack of gum?




Pretty, pretty please.


C'mon, you never let me get anything.

Sorry, but the answer is still no.

It's not fair xxx (name of sibling) ALWAYS gets what he wants!

No, No, No! Now you've heard it ten times, the answer is still no!

Please, please, please... I'll behave, I'll do good in school, I'll help out at home, I'll do anything you ask!

Fine (me exasperated), but just this time and just one piece.

Thank you, you are the best!

He won, I lost. Most importantly, it's not personal. He knows it and I know it. He loves me and I love him, regardless how this particular story played out.


"It's a numbers game." I am sure you've heard this expression before when dealing with business or sales. One premise in sales, is that you have to hear "no" a lot in order to pick up your game. In fundraising, it's commonly said that if you haven't heard "no" lately, then you're not asking enough!

In nearly every arena of life, we are either too lazy or intimidated to go for the gold, since it generally means a lot of failure along the way. This is true, if you are trying to sell something, lose weight or run a marathon. The obstacles in our way are often so daunting that we just don't try.

We need to learn from our children. They don't take failure personally. They simply see it as a call to action, to try harder. They focus on the prize and don't lose sight of the goal. 

In order to say NO you need a reason, In order to become better you need to measure. I have been using CloudHQ's Gmail time tracker to track how much time I am reading and writing emails, so that I am more conscious of the email time i am using.

Now I can say NO I am not going to focus on email. I will focus on the important things, I also can schedule email time into my calendar with an accurate estimate of how much time it will take.

So now say yes and no and close the deal!

Shabbat Shalom

Comments on: It's A Numbers Game

Naomi Assaraf wrote...

Hello Rabbi Kushi,

Is there a link to get that awesome Gmail Time Tracker by cloudHQ?

*Hint: Chrome Store? ;)