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Estate Sale

Thursday, 4 May, 2017 - 9:56 am

So many of us are downsizing, so perhaps if that's you, you may consider coming by for gifts for your children and/or grandchildren or for young friends just starting out life together! 

If you or any of your family and dear friends would like to come, they're ALL welcome!  If you'd like, you could just forward this email to them.

I have so many wonderful items at outrageously low prices (see below)!!!  Almost anything can be had for between $1 and $5 . . .

Please call me when you can, and I look forward to speaking with you and meeting you (443-520-5185)

Caroline Mintzer

3102 Woodspring Drive

Abingdon, MD 21009

** dvds (some bluerays and box sets, like "old timey" "slapstick humor" stuff like 3 Stooges, Marx Bros., Abbott and Costello, Buck Rogers, Lone Ranger, Dick Tracy, Bowery Boys, etc.)

** cds (same wide variety, and with some amazing box sets)

** books (many collections of an unusually wide variety of good books by authors popular from the past 60-70 years, including the most popular women authors in abundance!)

** dozens of biiiiig wonderful "eye-candy" coffee-table style books, also covering a wide range of subject matter from world travel to various sports and everything in between!

** collection of baseball, football, soccer AND non-sports cards in sleeves in more than two dozen big binders (great starter collection for young kids and priced at only $5 per binder), numerous Star Trek books and Comic Book price guides, Superman, and other Marvel Super Heroes books AND cards, as well as a few comix (especially more recent Batmans). 

** wildly miscellaneous costume and semi-precious jewelry

** nice simple and plain, but stylish, office-work clothes (for a medium to large woman), as well as some fancy party tops

** cool and barely used shoes and fancy and plain old huge purses

** unique knick-knacks (sp?), AND household items, decorative serving platters and collectibles from ALL over the world, and finally . . .

** and lastly TA-DA -- even some of the pictures on the walls!!!

Also, please be sure to see Edward's "This End Up" rustic style pine office furniture (work desk, computer desk, and three identical two-piece storage units, along with two nice end tables to match -- all sturdy AND in pretty good condition).  Might be a good start for some of your children or grandchildren!

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