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Spousal Manipulation?

Thursday, 1 December, 2016 - 8:38 pm

Spousal Manipulation? Sounds like a bad idea if you want to have a happy marriage.  Yet we see in this week's Parsha that Rivka seems to be doing just that in dressing Jacob up in Esau’s clothing, preparing animals from the back yard and pretending that they were hunted and teaching her son Jacob to deceive his father.

It opens up an uncomfortable question of, do the ends justify the means? Often times in Judaism and in the Torah, the answer is yes.  But then it begs the question here, what is the end that required such a deception or manipulation?

We must remember that we are dealing with the founders of our People, holy people, fathers and mothers that were the nucleus of a unique and chosen nation.  The way we are to look at these stories is from their eyes.

Rivka had two sons, both critical people in the future of world history and the purpose of creation.  But she also knew the differences between them.

Esau was a powerhouse, strong, mighty, ability to push through big things. You might say corporate.

Jacob on the other hand was a “tent sitter”, man of the book, calm, not the kind who makes a lot of noise or who makes a lot of big changes.

Issac believed the way to change the world was to push it through.  Push your agenda, push the change you believe in, force it.

Rivka believed the way to change the world was slowly over time, with a plan, engage with your customer. Yiddle by Yiddle.

The Jewish mother knows best as G-d told Abraham, “all that Sara says listen to her voice”.  Had Esau received these powerful blessings, they would have been wasted on an unfruitful endeavor of transformation. Perhaps lost forever!

Rivka, manipulates the situation to ensure that the Masterplan is carried forth.  Jacob is empowered to make the big changes through his quiet gentle way.

Here we are 3700 years later and we are continuing Jacob’s work, empowered by Isaac’s blessing, facilitated by Rivka.

With G-d’s help we will complete our work and experience the purpose of creation with Moshiach now!

Until that happens, our job needs to be to change the world calmly, patiently, focused and forward.

Good Shabbos!

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