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Be a star - US Elections

Thursday, 10 November, 2016 - 10:55 pm

 I did not get seriously involved in any of the political discussions throughout this election cycle, excluding some devil's advocate jibes to friends during discussions. Many people tried to get me on "their side" but I refused. I did vote and no I will not tell you who I voted for. I pray for the peace of the country and hope that there will be unity among friends regardless of politics. If you want to say a prayer, here is a prayer for the United States.

I have been asked many times WHY? Why don't you comment. At the break fast of yom kippur I was asked and I responded, "our goal here in Harford County is to spread the warmth and light of Judaism, my commenting and choosing a political party will NOT enhance your Jewish practice". 

Regarding specific issues, there is a Jewish view regardless of which party or candidate espouses that view.

I realized while reading this week's Torah portion, Gd took Avraham outside and said , "Look towards heaven and count the stars-if you can count them!" And He said to him, "That is how your descendants will be. The commentary (translated in the Kehot chumash) explains that all of the Jewish people, the descendants of Abraham are metaphorically compared to the stars that sparkle in the sky; their light is so bright that even those walking in the thick of night will not stumble. We are all "shining stars"; we all possess sufficient moral and spiritual fortitude to prevent those around us from stumbling and to exert a positive influence on them.

How are you a light? You light up like the stars in the night, you don't influence others by pushing your views on themyou influence others by shining. You show how you are a good person, in tune with your truest core identity, and that light will help them not stumble and it will have a positive influence on them.

Being a star means we shine, so be a star and light up the world.

To get in touch with your truest core identity, try one of these Ten Absurdly Simple Ways to Live Higher or join an event below.

Have a great shabbos,

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman 

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