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Faith, Stress?

Friday, 16 September, 2016 - 7:23 am

I was sitting in the planning and zoning office, waiting to get the use and occupancy permit for the new Chabad center. When another customer said to me, don't worry if it will be approved in time for your grand opening, have faith. While I left with the permit. I was thinking, do we really just have faith? 

a short while later I read this email from my brother in Atlanta 

Ever lose a dollar or five or a twenty? You realize it must have fallen out of your pocket at the grocery store when you pulled out your wallet or when you needed to show your license.  It’s frustrating but manageable (as long as it is not $100 or maybe more).

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the five or twenty was picked up by someone who really needed the money and it helped them buy a loaf of bread that they might have otherwise not been able to afford? It sure would alleviate the frustration knowing that it was used by someone truly in need.

In this weeks Torah portion we’re introduced to the Mitzvah of Shikcha – forgotten wheat.  If one forgets a sheaf in the field when they are doing the harvest, the commandment is to leave it there for the poor.

The Torah is telling us that deep down each of really desire to do the mitzvos and engage in acts of kindness.  So even when it happens without our consciousness it is a reflection of our true desire.

Additionally, we actually receive a Mitzvah for having done so. In fact, if a coin or the aforementioned dollar or five, etc. fall from our pocket and a poor person picks it up we indeed receive a Mitzvah for this.

So the next time you lose a dollar instead of being frustrated about its loss pray that it is found by a poor person. It will reflect your true desire.

It taught me, that it's not only about having faith, you must do your part to get the permit in time etc. (or the equivalent in your life) That being said, if things seem not to go as planned, it may be a mitzvah in disguise or some other part of Gds grand plan. so don't fret.

Have a good shabbos,

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman
P.S. Services will take place on shabbos at 15 N. Bond St. in Bel Air

P.S.S. My editor didn't get to this email so please forgive any errors. 

Comments on: Faith, Stress?

Melissa Alvarado wrote...

Dear Rabbi,
I apreciste being reminded of this fact. No matter what you lose, someone in this world can benefit from it.