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Too blessed to be stressed

Thursday, 8 September, 2016 - 12:12 pm

Last week some workers in our house had some music playing. The lyrics caught my ear: Too blessed to be stressed. I now know that this is a pretty popular line and meme out there. The specific lyrics of this particular group were a little too funky and hipster for me to fully comprehend but the punch line – too blessed to be stressed, got me thinking.

In this month of Elul we focus on our relationship with G-d. As in any relationship, it is a two way street. There is what we do for G-d and what G-d does for us. There are the things that we do that makes G-d happy and there are things that G-d does for us that makes us happy. Those are the things of an easy, smooth flowing relationship.

Then there are the things that we do that perhaps make G-d not too happy and there are things that G-d does that make us not so happy. Life is not always so perfect. Things are not always easy and sometimes they are outright difficult and hard to see any good in it.

If we are too blessed to be stressed then we can navigate through that dimension of the relationship as well.

Let me explain.

When you are unsure of someone’s love for you, their actions that seem to be unpleasant, or hurtful, need explanation. Why did you...? However, when you are 100% sure of the love that the other person has for you, you are absolutely secure in the safety and security of the other person’s embrace, then you do not need (although sometimes it is helpful) the explanation. Because you know that anything they are doing is completely in your best interest and for your good.

When we are blessed because we know we are in a relationship with G-d, who loves us completely and entirely, who has us in His eternal embrace, then we are too blessed to be stressed. We are confident in the difficulties and challenges of life to know that they are for our good; they are in our best interest and indeed they are really good even if they are concealed good.

(This does not preclude our right and responsibility to ask of G-d to allow for things to be good in a revealed way that we can comprehend them. But it does allow for us to be safe and secure in our relationship.)

This month of Elul is a time for us to focus on the core relationship, to reconnect with the “too blessed” part. To know that we are indeed connected at our very essence with G-d who embraces us unconditionally and loves us eternally.

Comments on: Too blessed to be stressed

Keleigh wrote...

That makes perfect sense! I enjoyed reading that.

Keleigh Kongkraphun wrote...

I enjoyed reading that. It's easy to forget these truths when we are in the middle of trials and tribulations.