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You are a healer

Thursday, 4 February, 2016 - 11:40 am

If You Know Aleph"He is not feeling well" said Sally. "So take him to the doctor" replied Mark. "I can't", said Sally, "who gave the Dr. permission to interfere with G-d's plans? After all, G-d made him ill".

This is a conversation many people have either with each other or in their heads. It is G-d's plan, I am not interfering. The Torah teaches us, in this week's Parshah, that a healer is given permission and a responsibility to heal.

It is learnt from the following two laws:

1) If someone hurts another, besides for compensatory damages and punitive damages, the assailant "shall give ... and he shall provide for his cure." From here we deduce that a doctor is given permission to heal.
2) From the laws of returning a lost object and preventing one from losing something. Those who have the ability to heal - preventing the ill from "losing life" or "losing health", are given the mitzvah and responsibility to return the soul to its body in its fullness.

This is relevant to each and every one of us. As Jews, we have all lost some of the fire, passion and life force that keep us spiritually healthy. Proper observance of Torah and Mitzvot is what will keep the vitality in our spiritual limbs and veins. 

At the same time, we are all spiritual doctors as we have the healing powers to encourage someone to observe a specific mitzvah, causing healing to that spiritual ailment. Are you passionate about a specific mitzvah? Teach a friend about it! As the Chassidic aphorism: “If only you know aleph (the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet)—teach aleph!"

We are 1) allowed to heal, and 2) even if we do not want to, we are obligated to return the "lost vitality" of Jewish practice to those who do not see its value. 

"If he is not feeling well spiritually, take him to the doctor", even if he does not want to, because he must get better.

Wishing all a healing and spiritually uplifting Shabbos.

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

Comments on: You are a healer

Chana Shloush wrote...

Thank you for the beautiful words.