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How's life?

Wednesday, 23 December, 2015 - 4:47 pm

Sometimes the answer we give is "Thank G-d, it's ok but ... " and we give a litany of issues that plague us; from no job to underpaid and from health to family. Different people have different issues and as the saying goes "if you know someone with a perfect life, you don't know them very well”.

At other times we may answer: Life is great! Thank G-d, the family is well, I am doing well spiritually, physically emotionally or in the vernacular "life’s good". 

Jacob in Egypt lived the good life; he had his whole family united, including Joseph, living in Goshen - known as "the luxury section of Egypt" and all his children remained involved in the family and faithful to the Jewish G-d. Despite the good life, he asked Joseph and made him promise that as soon as Jacob dies, Joseph would bring him up to the Holy Land and bury him there.

Joseph's remains stayed in Egypt with the Jews while Jacob didn't want his remains to remain in exile for even a moment.  

There are many reasons given for this contrast but one of them is a message for us. Even if life is good and we are doing well physically, financially and emotionally, we need to always keep in mind the fervent wish to leave this exile, as good as it may seem, and to ask G-d to keep his promise to bring the Moshiach and rebuild the Holy Temple where all Jews will be reunited and where we can serve G-d in a truly wholesome way. 

While life may be good, living in a world that is exile and there isn't unity and oneness is not good. 

So how's life? Thank G-d great, but the Moshiach hasn't arrived and we await his coming every day.

Have a wonderful Shabbos,

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman 

P.S. for more on Moshiach see here

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