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Do You Want To Climb Into Your Ark?

Friday, 16 October, 2015 - 8:41 am

HC.jpgSo how does this play out? Israel will flex its muscles, get the situation under control, the UN will condemn Israel, the US will play politics, the families who have murdered children or spouses will be left to their pain and longing for years to come, many of those wounded will suffer from their wounds for months, years and others for the rest of their lives, and where will you and I be?

It is tempting to say a prayer and hope this all blows over quickly. It is tempting to climb into our arks and pretend that there isn't a storm out there.

The fact is that when our brother or sister is in pain or in danger, we can't possibly close our eyes to their pain. The fact is that there is work to be done and we are called upon to do it. In fact being a Jew is about answering the call, G-d's call to us to step up when there is a need, to step up to make a difference.

At the end of this weeks Torah portion we read of Noah comfortably (or not so comfortably) in the ark not wanting to join the world outside because of its demands. He waits until G-d instructs him to GO OUT of the ark - Tzay min hatayvah. Because that is what we are called upon to do when the ground needs tilling, when the world needs us we can't sit in the comfort of our own realities and ignore the world outside.

So what can we do?

Use any influence you have politically to ensure that Israel has the support of the world.Use your sphere of influence to speak to those around you to influence their thinking and for them to use their connections to lend more support to Israel.

But really my friends, King David tells us "don't rely on humans, who have no salvation". Humans and politics are limited like the finite human body and it is ultimately only G-d in Heaven who can help us. So what does He want?

More. More. More. More Torah. More Mitzvah. More love for our fellow. So go do More, More, More. A little more, a lot more, a tremendous amount more, whatever. Let's get out of Arks and go out and do more to make the world and more G-dly and goodly place.

Good Shabbos!

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