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Unpack the Sock

Thursday, 8 October, 2015 - 9:27 pm

Socks.jpgDid you get the sock?

Did you see the sock I sent you? Did you notice it was only one sock? What did you think? Will you be joining us on October 25th or 26th?

Why do I ask?

We arrived back home yesterday from our annual trip to Los Angeles. One of the difficult parts of any trip is the unpacking upon returning home. Travelling, seeing family and friends, sightseeing and shul hopping are enjoyable and fun. Unpacking everything, even to the last sock (that's missing it's pair), when we get back is hard. The physical and the emotional unpacking are hard. However, without unpacking we cannot use anything we got.

This Shabbos we bless the new month of MarCheshvan. We have arrived home from a trip - a month full of festivals, celebrations and inspiration. Along the way we acquired all sorts of new things: forgiveness, renewed commitment, joy and Divine blessings.

Now the work begins to ensure that we unpack our festival experience in a way that it becomes useable. Whether it is attending a new class, doing a new Mitzvah or strengthening our relationships, we all need to find something tangible with which to take this month's inspiration with us. 

Happy unpacking and have a wonderful Shabbos (Minyan starts Shabbat morning 9:30 am).

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

There will be a few emails this week introducing the new and improved Weekly Class, Torah and Tea,  JLI course and the deStress lecture. Please keep an eye out for them. 

My thanks to Rabbi Michoel Gourarie whose email this was adapted from.

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