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do you believe it?

Thursday, 11 June, 2015 - 12:18 pm

Can I believe one thing and do another? In the words of my friend on Facebook: ‘What people say they believe and what they actually believe are many times not consistent.’ How do you know what someone's true belief system is on any given topic.

A man met his rabbi on the street one Yom Kippur and told him: "Rabbi, you should know that I ate on Yom Kippur and did not observe any of the traditions because I am angry at G-d". The Rabbi responds: "Wow, You have a real relationship with G-d".

There is belief and there is what you do. A person’s likes, interests and desires are known based on their actions and interactions. Belief, on the other hand, sometimes remains aloofly transcendent instead of becoming integrated within one's conscious thinking processes. This is illustrated in the observation of the Talmud that a burglar at the mouth of his tunnel (or the doorway of his targets home) calls out to G-d to make his endeavors prosper!

Chassidus philosophy explains that this simultaneous self-contradiction does not mean that he is without belief. The problem is only that his belief remains vague, distant and academic, instead of becoming integrated into his conscious thinking.

What do you believe? Is it integrated?

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

P.S. Join me Sunday 10 - 11:30 am at Harford Community College Fallston Hall, Room 203 where I will attempt to prove that the Torah is true*. I believe I can convince you with rational arguments that some 3,300 years ago, G-d revealed Himself to our ancestors at Sinai. Since this class is so fundamental to who we are and what we do as Jews, I am opening this class at no cost to those who have not signed up for the entire course. To join this chance to cement your Jewish beliefs (or doubts) with reason please reply to this email Rabbi@HarfordChabad.org

*This class will focus on proving the revelation at Sinai, not other fundamental beliefs such as the existence of G-d which requires a class of its own.

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