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Birthday and Lucky

Thursday, 27 November, 2014 - 7:46 am

Are You Feeling Lucky Today?

Today is my Hebrew birthday. I want to take a moment to bless you with revealed good and growth in your physical needs and spiritual journey.

In this weeks Torah portion we are told individually of the birth of the tribes.  Each and every one of their pregnancy's and births are told to us; "and she become pregnant and she gave birth etc.".  Each and every one of us even prior to conception is part of the Divine plan.  Our birth is G-ds way of saying you matter.

All the details of our lives, the gifts, the blessings and the challenges all come together to set the stage for us to fulfill our lives purpose.

Is that not reason enough to feel lucky today?

This is true for all of creation, every creature but even more so for humankind.  This is even more so when we talk of the Jewish people.  Our People were chosen for our unique mission to bring G-dliness into the world.  And so, when we embrace our mission and purpose and live it each day we will be able to say, "I feel lucky today".

Earlier in the week after returning home from the annual Chabad conference of Shluchim reviewing in my mind the interactions, sessions and inspiration.   I was attempting to translate all that I experienced and learned into practical take away application.

Perhaps it was because of the late nights hanging out and reconnecting with friends, or perhaps the abundance of information and overwhelming experiences, whatever the case I couldn't compartmentalize it all.  Until it struck me, that in a word what I was feeling and internalizing was the good fortune and good luck that I had to be a Shliach (emissary) of the Rebbe and the good fortune of being able to live a life of service.

It's not even so much about the life of "service" as much as the knowledge that I am in the right place in life striving each day to fulfill my purpose on this earth.

Are you feeling lucky today?

Good Shabbos,

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