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How do you define yourself?

Thursday, 18 September, 2014 - 11:55 am

Yesterday was a very busy day. In a counseling session, I was helping the attendee recognize that the way others may perceive him is not who he really is. Shortly after that consultation, I went to meet with another individual about a completely different matter. During this meeting, it was mentioned how Harford Chabad is perceived by some locals. They may have never come to Chabad for a service or program and/or have never met me in person. 

What was said hurt. It stung! Dumbfounded as I was, I questioned if it was the truth. Then I was thinking that perhaps since that is the perception, then it must mean that, that is who we really are. Over the next few hours, between phone calls and meetings, every free moment was spent contemplating if there is anything I could do, or should do, to try and change other’s perception of myself or of Harford Chabad.

Then it hit!

The message I gave over to the individual in the counseling session applies here too! I don’t need to and may not have the ability to change how people perceive me and/or who I represent. Who one is deep down is what really matters!

With Rosh Hashanah coming up this Wednesday night through Friday (details at www.HarfordChabad.org/HolyDays), we need to remember that Adam, the first human being, was the only one of the species that was created alone. All other species were created two at a time. Humanity is defined not by how others perceive them but by how they define themselves.

How do you define yourself? Do you work on your relationship with Hashem?  Are you a good person? Do you do your best?  

That’s all that matters.

I hope you can join us for the High Holydays.

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

P.S. First day sermon is called  the impossible is possible!

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