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Build Baby Build

Wednesday, 2 July, 2014 - 8:55 am

Sitting on Monday by the JLI conference, I heard the news that the bodies were found. 3 young kids who were brutally murdered. Almost instantly I thought what can I do. I posted a bunch on facebook, sharing etc. Then I remembered a story when there was a pogrom in israel and the Rebbe replies  "By your continued building will you be comforted."

Monday night was off to the Rebbe's gravesite with thousands of people getting a minute to pray for themselves and for others. 20 years thats a long time, but the message i kept hearing was that while it may be 20 years since the rebbe's passing, we must continue as chassidim of the Rebbe to continue to build, expand and reach out to anyone and everyone. 

Tuesday night, Rabbi Loschak the Chabad emissary in S. Barbara, California and the father of a good friend of mine passed on at the young age of 62. I am heading back to NY for the funeral. Rabbi Loschak recently told me that many people ask WHY, why me as well as why certain traditions. The example he gave was why woman wave their hands 3 times when they light Shabbat candles. He said based on his research the reason is because thats what we do - aka we don't know. Many times if someone doesn't know why they will come up with a story - but thats not where it's at.  It's about doing more and through building we will be comforted.

So it has been a tough week. 

How to deal with it? Build!

Hope to see you on shabbos, have a restful holiday weekend.

Comments on: Build Baby Build

Ted wrote...

Those who hate Bnai Israel hate Hashem.