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Nothing Like Family!

Thursday, 24 April, 2014 - 9:22 pm

There is nothing like family. We spent the second days of Pesach with Fraida’s family in Montreal. The kids got to play with some of their cousins and Fraida got to kibitz with her sisters, while I spent time with my brothers in law.

One of the conversations I had centered on the theme of family; the family you come from and the family you marry into. Some people marry into a family similar to their own while others marry into one very different.

The Torah portion this week begins “be Kedoshim because I am Kadosh”. Marriage in Judaism is called Kedushin, same root word as the Hebrew word Kadosh – Holy or Distinct. G-d tells the Jewish people be distinct because I, G-d, is distinct.

How does one distinguish themselves from their neighbor? How does one become distinct?

The next verse says it clearly; do not define who you are by society’s norms but by who you are according to Torah A.K.A. eternal truth.

The Torah (in the next verse) says respect your Mother (who is usually loved more than respected) and also your father.

The Torah (in the next verse) says guard the observance of the Shabbat.

Usually we define things from the lens of our upbringing, “our” family’s way. When we see things from the lens of the family we “married in to”, the lens of our spouse’s family, some things do not seem to make sense yet we respect them.

At Sinai, the Jewish people got married to G-d and G-d requested that we join the family. Observing Torah and Mitzvot is thetradition of the Jewish family.  

Hope to see you soon,

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman 

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