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Since I am not religious....

Thursday, 27 March, 2014 - 9:20 pm

Have you ever said I am not religious so therefore I do not observe the laws of Kosher? 

I have told myself that since I failed in A I should not observe B.

The cause for tzara'at, a skin discoloration -- often inaccurately translated as leprosy -- which renders a person ritually impure, is lashon hora, undesirable speech. This causes him to be isolated and for it to be made known that he must remain alone until he ceases to be involved in the talk of the wicked, which is mockery and lashon hora.

Nonetheless, the Torah indicates that only certain days are suitable for the examination of tzara'at. There are days during which the observance of other mitzvos takes precedence, e.g. the celebration of marriage and the festivals, does not allow for the examination of possible tzara'at.

Considering that the person being accommodated is a gossip monger and “involved in the talk of the wicked”, this exemption, to accommodate the mitzvah observance of one afflicted with tzara'at, is remarkable.

Hence, we see, that despite being an offender in the horrible sin of lashon hora, this does not mitigate the value of one’s mitzvah observance in other areas! The holiness of the mitzvahs observed, even if observed by one who is otherwise involved in undesirable behavior, suspends and prevails over his impurity.

So even if you consider yourself “not religious”, continue to do mitzvahs.

Hope to see you Shabbos :)

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

Some Passover Mitzvahs to consider; Seders, eating Shmurah Matzah on April 14th after 8:15 pm, sellingyour Chametz, support those who can’t afford Passover supplies.

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