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Suffering in Silence

Thursday, 20 March, 2014 - 9:20 pm

 There are different types of silence, silence of shock, silence of abuse, silence of awe and then there is the silence of submission.  Not a bad kind of submission but a very holy type.

As human beings, our first and most natural instinct when we experience anything that is outside of the absolute basic routine of life is to question, analyze and philosophize.  But, what about when we experience things that we can't understand? When the finite mind wants to understand something that is infinite?  What do we do then?

Take suffering as an example.  When it happens to you, and you can't understand why G-d would allow this, or the suffering of others...

Sometimes the only thing to do is to be silent.  For in the arena of silence one accomplishes something that the greatest mind can't do - it connects to the essence of G-d.  We experience a connection that transcends our emotional and intellectual limitations and we connect with the essence of G-d that is above His revealed limitations.

In this weeks Torah portion after the two holy sons of Aaron, Nadav and Avihu are consumed by a heavenly fire, Aaron expresses his greatest faith in G-d by remaining silent.  Our Sages say that he received reward for this silence.  His reward was that G-d spoke the ensuing commandments for the Kohanim just to him without the medium of Moses.

But, the greatest reward he received was a connection of his essence with the essence of G-d that philosophy and analysis can never attain. 

with the fervent hope that moshiach shoould come and the world be free from all suffering.

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman 

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