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Mama knows best

Thursday, 20 February, 2014 - 9:17 pm

Dear Rabbi Kushi,

You wrote about women in your December 12th email. You wrote that our Matriach Rachel made spiritual sacrifices for her children. Can you give me some pointers of how, as a woman, I am supposed to know if something is the right thing or not?


Hi Debra,

There is a story told about the women in the times of the giving of the Torah (1312 B.C.E.). When their husbands came to them to donate gold for the Golden Calf, they refused. 120 days later, when Moses kicked off a ‘build the Mishkan campaign’, the women generously aided it. The Torah says the men came WITH the women; the men followed the women. The women were the first to give, donating from their most precious belongings and donating more than the men.

Why? Because women possess a divine sensitivity. This higher level of sensitivity kept them more loyal to Hashem, intuitively refusing to donate to the golden calf. They also did not believe that Moshe died on the mountain; they trusted that the shepherd would never abandon his flock. The women also understood that giving does not always equal good. Donations can morph into idolatry, if completely separated from any sense of Divinity. They knew by remaining loyal to the cause, ultimately they are being TRULY loyal to the family.

Know that you have the background. These are the pointers I would give you.

1) Trust your feminine intuition (Mama knows best)  
2) Remain loyal, do not change allegiances too quickly  
3) Give of your best to the causes you believe in  - only when accompanied by a pure heart

Hope this helps,

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

P.S. This is why men need more ceremony and ritual than women see here

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