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Are you an ambassador?

Thursday, 7 November, 2013 - 8:07 am

This past Sunday I had dinner together with close to 4,000 Chabad ambassadors and over 1,000 lay leaders.  Senator Joseph Lieberman, they keynote speaker, began his address by saying “this is probably the largest crowd I have had the honor to address since I accepted the vice presidential nomination”. Looking at the crowd, I realized that in truth the room was empty; most of the ambassadors were missing.

You see, Judaism is not a religion. The biggest mistake that people make is that they mix up Jews and Judaism. The Jewish religion is comprised of Jews. But Judaism is a movement, which begins not with institutions or temples, synagogues or Chabad houses, Judaism is a movement that begins and ends with one person - YOU!

In the past, in order to be part of the movement one needed to be learned, a Rabbi or a Rebbetzin. In the past to get your friend to do a mitzvah you needed to bring them to the Shul or to bring the Rabbi to them.

Today that is all changed. The conference should not have only been attended by the Rabbi and Rebbetzin ambassadors but by all ambassadors, you AND me.

Let’s look locally.  Over the past 3 years, Chabad has documented over 650 households in Harford County that include at least one Jew. Of these, some want to be noticed and engaged in a Jewish way of life while others do not want anyone to be aware of their Jewish background.

As part of the Jewish movement “to make the world a better place”, you become an ambassador. For those you know who are engaged in Jewish life – ask them to do another mitzvah, those who aren’t ask them to do another mitzvah, for those Chabad hasn’t identified ask them to do another mitzvah.

You become an ambassador of light. The goal is to light up the world with 100 good deeds by Chanukah.  No need to tell us who or to become a Rabbi – just report that the mitzvah was done.

What does it take?  
Step 1 Do an additional Mitzvah 
Step 2 Inspire a Jewish friend to do a Mitzvah 
Step 3 Add it to the wall of light by telling us about it at www.HarfordChabad.org/Light

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

If you need, we can help – Just email Rabbi@HarfordChabad.org or call 443-353-9718 


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