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Facing your Demons

Thursday, 2 January, 2014 - 8:00 am

I was recently encouraged to heed the Rebbe's call to "do all you can to bring Moshiach". I started to think about Moshiach; the concept and the reality. Do I think that Moshiach is a real place in time? Will there ever be a time of world peace, no wars and revealed G-dliness? Will there be a time when people will be begging to come to a Torah class and to see how Torah can make their lives more meaningful, invigorated and inspired?

(I am not going to focus on the answers to those questions yet would love if you reply with your thoughts).

I want to focus on dealing with our deepest essential questions. One of the most important steps in spiritual growth is the ability to confront our ‘demons’. To ask the questions you have never wanted to ask. Questions like "Do I care that I am a Jew? Am I proud of my Judaism?" or "Am I an addict? Should I enter a recovery program"?

The reason we do not want to ask these questions is because we are afraid we will not leave unscathed as these questions touch our core. If we ask "Do I care that I am a Jew?" we are afraid the answer might be a NO.

Moses was afraid to go to Pharaoh and confront him where Pharaoh was. He was afraid to confront Pharaoh in his deepest narcissistic place. G-d does not say go to Pharaoh – He tells Moses come to Pharaoh. G-d was telling Moses: come with Me to Pharaoh, I will be there with you. When we confront our personal Pharaoh in the depths of the evil; when we meet him where he is, then and only then, can we break free from his "grip". Confront the question "Do I care that I am a Jew"? if the answer is no, you have taken the first step to start caring. Now do something about it. Come to a Torah class or a community meal and begin the journey of caring.

Have a wonderful Shabbos - hope to see you in shul.

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

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